Turquoise’s 5 Healing Touch: Uncover Historical Wonders

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Feroza/ Turquoise is a precious stone that reflects the sky’s and sea’s deep blue color. It has been loved for thousands of years. People don’t just like it because it’s pretty. They also believe it can protect them, strengthen them, and bring them good luck. Let’s go on an adventure to learn more about it. We’ll learn about its history, how it can heal, and how it helps bring peace into our lives.

1. A Legacy Etched in Time: Feroza in Ancient Civilizations

From the ingenious Aztecs to the mysterious Egyptians, turquoise has been a gemstone of great significance. Here are five historical wonders where it left an indelible mark:

  • The Aztec Turquoise Mosaics: Intricate artworks that showcased the Aztecs’ masterful craftsmanship and their reverence for turquoise.
  • The Egyptian Pharaohs’ Adornments: Turquoise inlaid in gold symbolizes power and protection in the afterlife.
  • The Persian Throne: The thrones were decorated with turquoise, a blue gem, which showed how rich and powerful the old Persian kingdoms were.
  • The Native American Jewelry: Exquisite pieces that carry stories of the land and its people, passing down through generations.
  • The Chinese Carvings: Delicate Feroza sculptures believed to bring longevity and happiness.

2. Celestial Connections in Astrology

It is linked to Jupiter and Ketu, two significant forces in astrology. This cosmic link is particularly promising for those born under the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces.

  • Jupiter’s Influence: The stone is believed to channel Jupiter’s benevolence, fostering fortune, expansion, and abundance in one’s life.
  • Ketu’s Lessons: It serves as a conduit for Ketu’s wisdom, aiding individuals in grasping life’s profound teachings.
  • Zodiac Harmony: Turquoise is said to amplify Sagittarians’ and Pisceans’ intuitive faculties and fortify their spiritual bonds.

3. A Wellspring of Well-being: The Healing Power of Feroza

Renowned for its curative prowess, turquoise is believed to be a balm for various ailments, offering a ray of hope for those seeking physical and emotional well-being.

  • Physical Harmony: It is associated with bolstering cardiac health and mitigating the throes of migraines.
  • Emotional Tranquility: The stone’s serene essence is known to soothe the psyche, relieving anxiety and melancholy.

4. Beyond the Physical: A Shield for the Soul

It transcends physical healing and is a guardian against misfortune and a magnet for prosperity.

  • Financial Flow: It is frequently utilized as a charm to draw monetary gain.
  • Protection and Security: Believed to ward off negative energies, turquoise acts as a guardian for its bearer.

5. Unleashing Creativity

It is a fount of inspiration, igniting the creative spark within artists and aiding all in honing their communicative prowess. Its vibrant color and soothing energy stimulate the imagination and enhance creativity. Whether you’re an artist looking for a muse or someone who wants to tap into their creative potential, turquoise can be a valuable tool in your artistic journey.

  • Creative Spark: It is a catalyst for artistic innovation.
  • Enhanced Communication: The gem aids in articulating thoughts more effectively, whether within the domestic sphere or the professional realm.
  • Self-Expression: Affiliated with the throat chakra, it supports forthright and lucid expression.

Selecting a Pristine Turquoise Gem

A discerning eye marks the quest for an exquisite gemstone with vibrant colors and flawless composition. The most treasured turquoise radiates a deep, sky-like blue, often compared to the clear blue of a robin’s egg. This shade, irrespective of the stone’s geographical origin, is a hallmark of quality. When selecting a turquoise, it’s essential to consider its color, which should be uniform and vibrant, and its composition, which should be free from any visible flaws or impurities.

Vibrancy: A top-tier turquoise will boast a rich and even color devoid of uneven tones or spots. The uniformity of its hue is a testament to its quality.

Surface: The touch of quality, turquoise should be smooth, with a waxy sheen that speaks to its fineness. A stone that is free from excessive pits or a rough exterior is indicative of superior quality.

Matrix Presence: The matrix, the host rock’s remnants within the turquoise, can add a unique character to the stone. However, the most valuable pieces are those with little to no matrix or a delicate web-like matrix that enhances the stone’s beauty.

Purity: The fewer the inclusions or imperfections, the more esteemed the turquoise. Clarity is a desirable trait that elevates the stone’s aesthetic and rarity.

Craftsmanship: The cut should accentuate the turquoise’s best attributes, color, and texture. With its polished, rounded surface, a cabochon cut is often preferred to bring out the stone’s natural allure.

Size: Generally, larger turquoise stones are more valuable, especially if they maintain high quality across all other characteristics.

When choosing turquoise, it’s also wise to consider the stone’s origin, as certain mines are renowned for producing exceptional-quality gems.

How to wear Turquoise / Feroza?

Optimal Times for Wearing: While it can be worn at any time for its beauty, astrological practices suggest that donning the stone on Thursdays can enhance its beneficial properties. It is influenced by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, which rules this day. In astrology, Thursday is considered a day of expansion and growth, making it an auspicious day to wear a gemstone.

Turquoise / Feroza by Cosmogyaan

Method of Adornment: To fully experience turquoise’s energies, it is recommended to wear it in a manner that allows direct contact with the skin. Jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are elegant accessories and mediums for the stone’s healing energies.

Preferred Settings: Silver is often chosen to set turquoise, as it is believed to amplify the stone’s natural energies. The gem is typically worn on the right hand, considered the active hand in many cultures, either on the index or ring finger, to maximize its positive influence. The index finger is associated with leadership and authority, while the ring finger is often associated with relationships and creativity, making it ideal for wearing a gemstone like turquoise.

Cleansing Rituals: Before wearing it for the first time, cleaning and energizing the stone is advisable. This can be done by immersing the jewelry in a mixture of sacred elements such as water from the Ganges, basil leaves, unboiled milk, honey, and clarified butter, accompanied by the recitation of empowering mantras. This ritual is believed to cleanse the stone of any negative energies it may have absorbed and to recharge its beneficial properties.

  • By adhering to these guidelines, one can select a turquoise gemstone that is visually striking and rich in cultural significance and personal resonance.


It transcends its role as a mere ornament; it is a potent gemstone that offers physical and emotional solace, safeguards its wearer, and kindles the flames of creativity. By delving into its rich heritage, meticulously caring for it, and donning it with intent, one can harness the full potential of this remarkable stone.


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